Diamond studded pink BlackBerry Bold from Amosu

Amosu, known for adding bling to just about anything, is offering the world’s first pink BlackBerry Bold surrounded in a pink metal case with diamonds etched on it for all the late Valentine shoppers. The pink BlackBerry Bold comes with 86 white and pink sapphire diamonds of approximately 3.95 carats, fixed firmly on the front and 242 on the back of the phone. The phone, which is the only present a woman would love to have this Valentine’s Day, will sell for whopping £4000 (approx. $5,684) with a 24-hour one-year international concierge service.


Mobiado 105GMT luxury watchphone comes in white

Updating its mechanical watch mobile phone series, the luxury phone brand Mobiado introduces its new 105GMT White luxury phone polished in white gold. The 105GMT phone that is a blissful combination of luxury and mechanical watches incorporates a unique dual mechanical watch movement allowing users to view three international time zones simultaneously. The latest watchphone with two Swiss mechanic watches fitted on the bottom of the phone assembled with titanium screws boasts a thick nickel coating finishing. Each watch movement contains 25 bearings that accomplish 28,800 vibrations per hour and has 28 hours of power reserve. The latest version is a successor of the 105GMT Gold version that was released in December last year. Other standard features are a 2” colored display, 2MP camera with video support, Bluetooth, microUSB connectivity, a music player and an expandable memory up to 1GB. Though no word on pricing and availability yet, we are not expecting it to come cheap.


24-Karat Gold White iPhone 3G up for sale on eBay

The trend of getting a luxury makeover for the Apple iPhone seems to grow out of control. You will guess what I am saying, once you take a look at this 24-Karat Gold White iPhone 3G that has been put up for auction on eBay. Unlike other cases, this one features a white back with gold plated rim and shimmering Apple logo. The buy-it-now price for this customized iPhone 3G is $1,016.72 in case anyone fancies this white edition.


Solid gold Vertu Boucheron looks strange but gorgeous!


This is something that doesn’t look to be a Vertu creation, but it is. Created to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Boucheron French jewelry house, the solid gold Vertu Boucheron 150 looks to be a crippled handset. With lots of planes and angles, the phone case has been crafted from a single piece of gold, and it took 1,000 hours to cut into shape, 700 hours to hand polish, and more than 500 hours to build. The luxury handset comes in a luxury wooden case that is made from the Noce Pedullo walnut tree. Every time you open the case, you will be greeted by the Vertu signature ringtone. We are short on technical details, and the only thing we know for now is that the golden phone offers 3G connectivity. Pricing for the weird-looking yet gorgeous, solid gold Vertu Boucheron 150 is not confirmed yet, but the rumor says it will set you back approximately $30,000.



Motorola MING A1600 gets the gold treatment

For me, the Motorola MING A1600 is one good looking handset, and it doesn’t need any gilded makeover. But, the good folks at Motorola think the other way as they seem to have teamed up with renowned French jeweler and watch maker Cartier to roll out the Motorola MING A1600 Luxury Edition. The luxury edition handset has a gold plated body decorated with faux crocodile skin. The package comes complete with a Cartier business card. Other than the new, shiny looks, everything else is same as of the original phone. The Motorola MING A1600 features a 3-megapixel camera, 2.4-inch 262K color QVGA touchscreen display, a microSD card slot, stereo Bluetooth, a microUSB port and a stereo FM radio. The Motorola MING A1600 Luxury Edition sells for TWD $28,000 (approximately US $867). The price tag looks decent enough to compensate for the included Cartier business card holder.


Knalihs Athem Diamond-Studded iPhone 3G Scores with 475 Diamonds
Recently, we told you about diamond-studded iPhone 3G Leather Case from Noreve. But, if the thought of paying way more than the phone’s price for a case to protect the phone has been hurting your calculating mind, then getting a decked-out iPhone is a better option for you to make sure you flaunt your riches intelligently. And, if you are all set to pamper yourself with the blinged iPhone 3G version, then we have earlier inundated you with the few pimped iPhone 3G models including De Vere Olympic iPhone 3G caked with precisely 88 diamonds for approx. $8224 and Goldstriker’s Gold & Diamond 3G iPhone versions. But, Swiss luxury designer and jeweler Knalihs Athem’s has re-defined luxury with his Diamond Encrusted Apple iPhone 3G, which comes encrusted with more than 475 of the finest quality brilliant cut diamonds that weigh 3.75 carats in total. Only 50 such handsets will be created worldwide. Each handset is accompanied by an appropriate and official diamond grading report from a gemological lab.

The first 10 diamond encrusted Apple iPhone 3Gs by Knalihs Athem will be sold for ONLY US $10,000, and the price will be revised sharply upwards. The phones are hand-finished with utmost care and all the diamonds set precisely to provide lasting beauty and quality.


Amosu Serves the Masses with Swarovski studded Phones

The ubiquitous trend of encrusting crystals on gadgets has made it pretty clear that men love bling as much as the women do! And, the latest in the bling genre comes from none other then Alexander Amosu who leads the luxury phones market with his stunning diamond-studded creations. The designer has recently launched his new and exclusive line of Swarovski studded mobile phones under the banner of Kamson Diamonte. The company has created Motorola K1, Nokia N95 swarovski phones and many more. And the latest is Nokia 5310 Xpress music with the added touch of 364 swarovski crystals. The luxury version is available for approx. $1,380.


Gresso Unveils White Diamonds Collection for the Uber-Rich

We have earlier told you about Gresso’s Avantgarde Collection luxury phones with black diamonds. The latest from the Russian based mobile phone manufacturer is White Diamonds collection. The new collection includes two new mobiles called Gresso White Diamonds and Gresso Royal White Diamonds. The new White Diamonds Collection features inherit hand-assembled body panels made out of 200-year old African blackwood, keyboards with base plate made of titanium and stainless steel battery cover with a magnetic lock plus leather and gold decoration. Besides, the new phones feature displays covered by 42K sapphire crystal glass, keys made out of 18K gold and as a signature feature - all the numbers on the keypad are laser-cut in Roman style. The Gresso Royal White Diamonds is the more expensive one of the two and will be available in limited edition of 200 units only. All of its 23 gold keys are crowned with a total of 2.53K of white diamonds. It will be priced at 33000 euros i.e. approx. $52,000. The Gresso White Diamond handset features only navigation keys encrusted with white diamonds. And, it will sell for 9,000 euros i.e. approx. $14,000. All Gresso handsets commonly feature a tri-band GSM support, a 65K color TFT display QVGA resolution, a microSD memory card slot and a 2 megapixel camera. They all run on Windows Mobile 6 Standard.




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