Softbank unveils the 830SC Emporio Armani Model

Softbank Mobile Corp. unveiled its new summer phone lineup Tuesday, including a solar model and a handset designed by Giorgio Armani.

This new handset, called the 830SC Emporio Armani Model, was specifically designed for the Japanese market.

The stylishly sleek cell phone has LED light embedded in its side spelling out the brand’s name for all to see in green, blue and red.


Amosu Colour Couture

Amosu has recently launched Amosu Colour Couture.

The company claims that Colour Couture is available “in any color the customer wants,” though there’s currently no way to preview colors and combinations on its website.

You can also further personalize your Colour Couture device with your name, initials, logo, whatever for an additional charge.


Amosu launches luxurious phones cases

Maybe you already have Amosu’s Diamond Pink Blackberry Storm and you confused to choose the right case for. A luxury Blackberry with a luxury cases is perfect one.

These cases are hand made and stitched using exotic materials like crocodile, python, ostrich and lizard. They come in a multiplicity of colours and finishes.

Each case is bespoke and can have your name emboss in the leather with fine craftsmanship and sophisticated styling.

Cases are now available online and cost from £400 upwards ($650).


HTC Debuts Touch Pro2 and Touch Diamond2

HTC have launched updated versions of their current flagship models at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – the Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2. These new handsets combine cutting-edge technology with simplicity and user-friendliness for a more seamless mobile communication experience.


The Touch Diamond2 will get a larger 3.2-inch high-resolution widescreen VGA display, five mega-pixel camera, and fifty-percent better battery life. The Touch Pro2 features its own 3.6-inch VGA display complete with an expandable QWERTY keyboard, and comes with HTC’s new Straight Talk technology, to allow seamless transitions between email and single or multi-party conference calls.

Both models utilize HTC’s new TouchFLO 3D interface integrated with a customized version of Windows Mobile 6.1, making for more finger-touch friendly navigation on both sets, while HTC’s Push Internet technology create speedier mobile communication where one’s favorite websites are immediately available.

The sets also come with touch-sensitive zoom bars, expandable memory, and gravity, proximity and ambient light sensors. The Touch Diamond2 is expected to be released in Europe and Asia in early Q2, while the Touch Pro2 is slated for an early summer release.


Vertu Pure Collection 2009

Handcrafted mobile phone creator Vertu recently announced three new collections for 2009, with the first one being colored ceramics (black, white, silver and chocolate).

Called the Pure Collection, the handsets retain the design DNA of the Constellation but with a juxtaposition of smooth ceramics and textured leather.

As seen in ceramic watches from Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC and Rado, there is an unmistakably luxurious feel about ceramics when applied to technically superior products. “These (Pure Collection phones) are elegant objects that are striking through their simplicity and deliver the unexpected through the innovative use of ceramics,” says Frank Nuovo, Principal Designer at Vertu.

Black and white models are available from March 2009 while Silver and chocolate models are available from September 2009.


Diamond-studded Tag Heuer Meridiist phone

The Meridiist, which was launched in late 2008 is now revamped in a diamond encrusted version.

Tag Heuer has launched two, ultra-glamorous models adorned in pave diamonds and precious gem stones.

The grandest version of the two models boasts 1232 diamonds totaling 7.4 carats, finely set in rows along the angled sides of the phone body, as well as framing the display screen.

A discreet set of diamonds in the shape of a small shield – the form of the TAG Heuer logo – rests on the camera shutter on the back of the instrument.

For those who prefer a bit more subtlety but no less glamour, the lighter version houses 208 diamonds totaling 1.3 carats, that file in delicate rows above and below the display screen.

The diamond-encrusted shield on the back of the device offers a discreet flash of brilliance when the piece is held to the ear in conversation.

The phone itself is a sleek model made of stainless steel with a OLED screen behind scratchproof sapphire crystal glass and your choice of several different leather styles and colors on the back.

It has 28 days of standby and 7 hours of talk time. The phone has a camera with a mechanical sliding lens cover and a neat clock feature on the top.

Price: between $10,000 and $30,000


Gresso announces Lady Gold & Ultramarine

gresso lady gold 468x330 Gresso announces Lady Gold & Ultramarine

Luxury mobile phone maker Gresso has announced two new luxury phones, the Lady Gold and Ultramarine Gold.

Both phones are built into a titanium case, covered with colored ceramic, and then accented with 18k gold.

Inspired by wrist watch design, Gresso has also put a sapphire crystal window into the back of the phone, so you can see the circuit board.Both models are limited to a run of 15 units, and will cost approx. $6,500


Protect your iPhone with the $108,880 worth “Golden Delicious” case

It seems the recession hasn't hit many people at all. When I look at items like the “Golden Delicious” iPhone case from Germany’s GnG, I start believing that the credit crunch is just a myth. It is worth a whopping $108,880 for its bling in the form of 140 grams of 18 carat gold filled with 200 diamonds along with a 400 diamond logo. This logo can be customized according to your needs. The shell is very slim at 1mm and it offers great stability and security with a special high-tech carbon fiber inlay. So to protect your $200 worth iPhone, you get a $108,880 case. Totally makes sense.

Continental Mobiles unveil World's 1st Diamond Encrusted Nokia E71

Continental Mobiles has something to tease all Nokia E71 users this weekend. They have unveiled World's 1st Diamond Encrusted Nokia E71 for £6,000 ($9,500). Exclusively handcrafted, the E71 is caked with dazzling Vs1 quality diamonds. Though such a glitzy business phone may not appeal to all the executives out there, it will definitely lure many women holding key posts in corporate sector. Wonder if any man would flaunt this diamond studded Nokia E71 Business QWERTY Luxury Mobile Phone. As for the features, the E71 encases all the necessary specs in the slimmest case. The subtle backlit centre key indicates when an event is due or an e-mail has arrived. It is also compatibility with Exchange or your favorite personal e-mail provider such as GMail or Yahoo. Don’t miss out the accurate QWERTY keyboard sitting on the face enclosed with diamond border.

Blackberry Bold and Nokia 8800 go bling yet again

This is definitely not the first time that the Blackberry Bold and Nokia 8800 are wearing gemstones. In fact it’s of the several times it’s getting the bling treatment and this time the Knalihs Athem’s are doing the job for us. The Diamond Blackberry Bold (Black Beauty) and the Diamond Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte (Snow White) can be customized with the finest quality precision cut diamonds and gemstones.


Goldstriker reveals dazzling 22ct Gold & Diamond iPhone 3G

God manifests himself in many forms to please us, earthlings. And same is the case of this aptly dubbed ‘god-phone’. Time and again, the iPhone 3G has been bejeweled with gold and diamonds to cater to those who seek ultimate opulence. This morning, we received a mail from Goldstriker International regarding their latest customization. Stuart Hughes, founder of Goldstriker along with this team of four craftsmen has re-created the original iPhone in solid gold - 22ct Gold & Diamond iphone 3G. The bling quotient was further enhanced with a diamond encrusted 22ct Apple logo. Pioneering the art of customizing gadgets to suit the lifestyles of rich and famous, Goldstriker can make technology embrace luxury with ease. Ranging from £22,995 ($34,200) - £14,800 ($ 22,000), 22ct solid gold iPhone 3G Diamond is all set to beat the heat of recession with its dazzling appearance.If you desire this ornamented version, you need to dig deeper in your pockets!



Burj Al Arab Mobile Phone

If you do not know what is the Burj AL Arab then pal its time for you to do some knowledge check. Anyway, that can happen here, Burj Al Arab is one of the finest and most beautifully contructed hotels in the World and expensive too!! This gigantic structure, which looks like a sail of a boat/yacht has inspired many designers, but this time it seems that, it has inspired some Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, who has come up with a Triband phone that resembles the Burj Al Arab luxury hotel. And as an icing on the cake the company also gives a special stand for the phone that completes the Burj Al Arab mock-up. Chinese mobile phones guys do some up with insane designs for their cheap stuff.Their mobile phones use cheap components but guess their designs are the one which attract people.


Gresso Lady Diamond luxury phone targets the fairer sex

The latest from the house of Gresso is the Lady Diamond luxury phone, which looks to be aimed straight at trendy women. The phone case is hot red, done in titanium and covered with high-tech ceramic of magenta diamond color. This color has been specially produced for this limited edition collection. To add the luxe touch, the navigation keys are made of gold and decked out with four white diamonds. Other keys come with 18 carat gold plating. The front panel of the phone is festooned with a gold triangle, which can be seen on all the Gresso phones. The design takes its inspiration from the Swiss skeleton watches. The back is done with sapphire crystal that lets the user see the inner mechanism. The battery cover comes with a magnetic lock and is covered with genuine leather. The spec sheet reads Windows Mobile 6 Standard, GSM/GPRS connectivity, Bluetooth, music player, a 2MP camera and 2GB of onboard memory. With only eight examples available, the red hot Gresso Lady Diamond can be yours for $5,500.  MJ Art-Studio wins the bling battle with its extreme mods

Luxury knows no bounds. And if you are one of those wealthy souls who still believe in “Shop til you drop” then MJ Art-Studio offers to lighten your bank accounts with their ultra-luxe collection that includes luxury laptops, computer peripherals, premium flash drives, customized iPhones, Vertu’s and more for the discerning few. Each model is unique and boasts high quality craftsmanship in limited edition. Precious alloys, exotic animals skin, precious breeds of wood…name it, and they have it. The 777 range is indeed meant for the “elite of the elite.”


Peter Aloisson is back with 'Phones and Stones' collection

Austrian designer and jeweler Peter Aloisson already has the crown of creating the world’s most expensive iPhone, the Kings Button, and this time he is back with lot more. His latest concept and creation has been called “Phones and Stones” and “Apple and Stones” and can be found at the new website named Phones and Stones. These items are real luxury objects and are encrusted with Swarovski crystals. The “Apple and Stones” collection includes the original iPhone, the iPhone 3G, the iPod nano 3rd gen and the iPod nano 4th gen. On the other hand, the “Phones and Stones” collection features the LG Prada, LG Prada II and the Nokia 8800 Arte. The new models are available in steel and gold plated versions, with every single Swarovski stone done by hand.


Knalihs Athem adorns Vertu with 1500 brilliant cut diamonds

Swiss luxury designer and jeweler Knalihs Athem, who earlier gave us the Apple iPhone 3G festooned with 475 brilliant cut diamonds, is now back with yet another stunning creation - the Diamond Vertu Constellation Gold. This exclusive phone is crafted and created with excellent precision and skilled Swiss craftsmanship in 18 carat gold and encrusted with more than 1500 of the finest quality colorless brilliant cut diamonds. The phone is hand-finished and all the diamonds have been set accurately to add to the beauty of the device. The handset can also be personalized with initials, your lucky number, logo and anything else. Well, the exclusive diamond customization by Athem is available is various designs across all Vertu Constellation models including the Core Range, Precious Range, Monogram Range and the Rococo Range.



Goldstriker unveils iPhone 3G Swarovski and Sapphire edition for fashionistas

Hardly a day passes when we don’t see a phone encrusted with precious gemstones. Goldstriker is a name that keeps hitting the news headlines for that reason time and again. Once again, taking the roller-coaster ride of opulence to new heights, the UK-based manufacturer has introduced its latest customized iPhone 3G adorned with precious stones like Swarovski crystals and sapphire for the well heeled. The luxury phone comes with a bezel painted in 18 carat white gold and 124 Swarovski crystals etched on it. The navigation key is also sophisticatedly decorated with white gold, 28 clear Swarovski crystals and a deep blue sapphire. As you know, the hand tailored devices bejeweled with gems like Swarovski crystals and sapphires don’t come cheap; therefore, it will cost you £1,395 (approx. $ 1,968).



Motorola Aura outshines itself with the diamond studded edition

A day back, we brought you the diamond encrusted pink BlackBerry Bold and iPhone from Amosu. Now the same luxury customization company has turned its humble diamond-studded attention to the Motorola Aura. Custom designed by the famous luxury designer Alexander Amosu, the diamond studded Aura was showcased at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It turned out to be a real head turner at the conference and succeeded in gathering hordes of people around the Motorola booth. The hand-tailored phone comes with 99 diamonds totaling 1 carat caked around the bezel. It will be available in a limited number at selected high-end luxury stores around the world and on the Amosu website with a 24-hour concierge service. The blinged out Aura will come with a cool price tag of £4995 (approx. $7,121) when it goes on sale in March.



Diamond-encrusted Bluetooth headset from Plantronics worth $50,000

We have earlier told you about the stunning feminine Discovery 925 Bluetooth headset from Plantronics, and now, adding value to the same cellphone accessory by virtue of putting bling on it, the manufacturer is all set to enter the elite market by offering its latest limited edition diamond encrusted Bluetooth headset unveiled at MWC 2009. The device with diamonds and a little Midas touch will be available as the only unit of its Discovery 925 and is likely to go under the hammer. The money raised at the auction will go for the Elle Charity. However, the number of diamonds layered on the headset and diamond grading details remain undisclosed, but the blinged-out headset is certainly a beautiful handiwork that redefines opulence. Regarding pricing, word is around that the gold and diamond-encrusted headset is priced at $50,000.






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