Lady Gaga’s Fame Fragrance created by Coty


Fame by Lady Gaga: The Lady has done it again. After enthralling her fans with some riveting performances and of course not to forget the very bizarre but interesting public appearances, Lady Gaga has launched her own fragrance. Fame, as she calls her fragrance, has been created by Coty. Lady Gaga has now joined the line of celebrities who have launched their own fragrances in the past.
Lady Gaga always stirs the media world with her many acts and keeps us all entertained. Some of those acts are also for a cause such as the tea cup auction. Not long ago we has reported that the ‘born this Way’ singer once sipped some steaming hot tea from a Chinese cup and saucer and then auctioned it for a whopping £47,000!  We it’s a jaw dropping, maddening amount for a cup and a saucer but the good thing was that the proceeds of the auction went to all the artists who were affected by the Japanese tsunami last year. The money promised them education and a good future. Well, that’s Gaga for you.
Let us also scintillate your senses with the Lady’s very own fragrance, the Fame!

The Lady’s ‘Fame’ and Fortune

Lady Gaga has been known to make a name for her in whatever she does. And this time it is the world of fragrances where she has established her footing. The fragrance has garnered much appreciation and the chief of Coty, Mr. Beetz thinks of Fame as being very ‘Innovative’.




Mr. Beetz thinks that the fragrance is a true representation of his own self since he either likes to be innovative or simply just die! And he also believes that just about everything about this perfume is unique. From the design and colours of the bottle, to the fragrance and of course the lady behind Fame, are all truly innovative. It has been designed by the Lady’s very own Haus Laboratories.




Of the fragrance Lady Gaga said that Fame is like an illusion and anyone can have it if they really yearn for it so much.

The Fame bottle is very unique since it has trampoline structure, unlike other perfume bottles which have top, middle and base notes. That is what makes fame so different thinks Steve Mormoris, Coty’s Marketing Senior Vice President.


You would also be surprised to know that Fame comes in black. Black just like the very soul of fame believes Mr. Mormoris. It was this soul which was to become the very rock of this perfume. Once airborne, the fragrance disappears and beautiful blends with your surrounding environs.



This very sensuous fragrance is a fine combination of fruits and floral and is a unique mix of tiger orchid, Belladonna plant, apricot, honey, saffron. The perfume comes in an egg shaped bottle with a gold ‘claw’ top, and is prized at $79 for 100 ml. the 50 ml bottles will cost $55. There’ also a 30 ml and a 10 m sized bottle for $42 and $19.

The ‘Ultimate Personality’ is what the lady chooses to call it and it will hit the market by the end of August. If you happen to be a huge Gaga fan then also get a whiff of her fragrance and find yourself immersed in Fame!



Wallpaper Launches Paper Passion Perfume Created by Geza Schoen and Karl Lagerfeld

The scent of a freshly printed book can be intoxicating for some. German publisher Gerhard Steidl has admitted as much on many occasions. He has commented often that it is his favorite scent. It inspired the Wallpaper magazine to create a perfume that captured the scent of paper. The perfume is now ready and in fact Wallpaper has launched it in a unique package. Named the Paper Passion, the perfume took one year to create since it was conceived last year during the Wallpaper Handmade exhibition. The film ‘How to Make a Book with Steidl’ was screened at the event and his comment about the scent of paper in a freshly printed book inspired the international design community.

Geza Schoen and Karl Lagerfeld

When the concept took a concrete shape and the idea seemed feasible, the magazine asked Steidl to help make it a reality. He was requested to work avant-garde perfumer Geza Schoen to create that perfect scent and then bottle it so that the others may be able to enjoy it. The Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld also joined the creative team later to give the packaging the final shape and as is his wont he gave it his unique touch and twist. The name Paper Passion was also finalized by him. The annual Handmade issue of Wallpaper which has just been released on 12th of July features the new perfume in all its glory. The perfume has been released for online sale and has also been made available at select concept stores, bookshops and perfumeries across the world.

Capture the Unique Scent

It was a challenge to create this unique perfume even for a perfumer of Schoen’s caliber. He worked with only four or five ingredients, the most important being ethyl linoleate. A selection of woody components was added to get the dryness right. There was a lot of trial and error involved as the unique scent was a completely new territory for the perfumer. The freshly printed paper has a smell that is dry and fatty and these are not the notes that the perfumer normally worked with. It was tricky but Schoen achieved what he wanted. Lagerfeld’s contribution in terms of packaging has been invaluable for the project. He has created a real book with pages and a hidden cutout compartment that holds the perfume bottle.




The Perfume Bottle is Housed in a Book

The book that houses the perfume bottle also features some short essays written about paper by Lagerfeld, Schoen, German author and artist Günter Grass, and Wallpaper editor-in-chief Tony Chambers. Lagerfeld says in his essay that beautiful paper is the top of luxury for him. He says that it is a physical passion for him. The touch of a perfect paper has something sensuous about it. He is confident that Paper Passion will stand out in an oversaturated market for perfumes. The market has seen the arrival of perfumes based on really weird concepts. An independent Italian perfume house released scents based on blood types. The Fragrance Kitchen, a new brand in the field launched a perfume with a multi sensory eCommerce site. They would be releasing a new perfume every month along with its own original score and video that would describe its aromatic character.




Watch: Miss Dior Le Parfum starring Natalie Portman



French luxury house Dior presented its latest Miss Dior (formerly Miss Dior Chérie) campaign on September 3, featuring actress Natalie Portman.

The new video shows a similar esthetic to the original campaign starring Portman (Black Swan).
Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin’s song “Je t’aime… moi non plus” sets the tone for this twenty-second ad with some identical sequences to the first spot enriched with new shots and staging.
While representing the French luxury house, Natalie Portman is also the face of watchmaker Richard Mille.


Natalie Portman goes Nude for Dior



Natalie Portman is once again the face of Dior’s latest beauty campaign and, as in her first Miss Dior Cherie advert, she’s naked.

This time, the actress was photographed by Mario Sorrenti to promote the new Diorskin Nude Skin-Glowing make-up collection.




Julia Roberts’ Commercial for Lancôme Fragrance‎


A video looking behind the scenes at Hollywood actress Julia Roberts‘ campaign for Lancôme was posted on social media sites, August 24.
The campaign directed by Tarsem Singh (Mirror, Mirror) advertises Lancôme’s new fragrance La Vie est belle.

The French brand has chosen Julia Roberts and her famous smile for this video symbolizing “the freedom to choose our own path leading to happiness.”
Hollywood icon Julia Roberts has starred in more than 50 movies, including Pretty WomanThe Pelican BriefErin Brockovich and more recently Mirror, Mirror.



Guerlain Fall 2012 Campaign


Natalia Vodianova Shines in Rouge Shades for Guerlain’s Fall 2012 Campaign.

The autumn collection focuses on red and rosy shades for a play on femme fatale and angelic looks. Guerlain’s fall line hits stores in August.



Tom Ford Fall 2012 Beauty Campaign

Snejana Onopka fronts the Fall Winter 2012 beauty campaign from Tom Ford, lensed by Mert & Marcus.



Coco Noir, the new fragrance from Chanel


Chanel is due to launch Coco Noir, a perfume celebrating travel and feminity and conjuring up the magic of a night in Venice, a city dear to designer Gabrielle Chanel.
The new fragrance was developed by Jacques Polge, who was inspired by Coco (1984) and Coco Mademoiselle (2001).

Coco Noir features top notes of grapefruit and bergamot, middle notes of rose, jasmine, narcissus and geranium leaves, and base notes of tonka beans from Brazil and Venezuela, patchouli from Indonesia, sandalwood, vanilla and incense.
Chanel has not yet announced who will be the face of this new mysterious fragrance.
Coco Noir will be available August 17, retailing for €92 (50 ml bottle) and €132 (100 ml bottle).



OPI honoring James Bond with 18 karat gold polish


A couple of weeks ago, OPI announced their special James Bond themed collection in honor of the 50th (Golden) anniversary of the James Bond legend.

This collection featured 12 mindblowing colors, both matte and shimmer, each one inspired by a different James Bond adventure with names such as The World Is Not Enough, The Spy Who Loved Me and Tomorrow Never Dies.
Now, the company has unveiled another Bond addition for the October US and UK launch — called The Man with the Golden Gun.
Packaged in a special limited edition collectable gold bottle, the 18 karat gold polish is set to retail at $38, arriving just in time for the premieres of Skyfall.


Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle Perfume




Mischievous, independent, and fascinating — Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel is as seductive as ever. The new parfum format gives us an intimate and private glimpse of Coco Chanel whose expensive simplicity and sensibility made her an influential figure in 20th-century fashion.
An exquisite object of seduction, the Coco Mademoiselle Parfum can be carried anywhere, always within reach, ready to work its charm. So much boldness is captured in such a small bottle. Vibrant and intense, the parfum itself is the very essence of Coco Mademoiselle, the imprint of a free and confident woman who overcomes all obstacles.
The new campaign for Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle Perfume features Keira Knightley.

Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle Perfume

Mischievous, independent, and fascinating — Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel is as seductive as ever. The new parfum format gives us an intimate and private glimpse of Coco Chanel whose expensive simplicity and sensibility made her an influential figure in 20th-century fashion.
An exquisite object of seduction, the Coco Mademoiselle Parfum can be carried anywhere, always within reach, ready to work its charm. So much boldness is captured in such a small bottle. Vibrant and intense, the parfum itself is the very essence of Coco Mademoiselle, the imprint of a free and confident woman who overcomes all obstacles.
The new campaign for Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle Perfume features Keira Knightley.





Burberry Goes for Gold with Rosie


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley swathed in a satiny Burberry trench



Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, in an outtake for the Burberry Body ad campaign
Has it really been a year? Burberry is marking the anniversary of its hugely popular scent—no doubt helped along by the alluring face fronting it—by releasing an exquisite Rose Gold edition of Burberry Body Eau de Parfum.
Designed by the ceaselessly creative genius that is Christopher Bailey, the limited edition release decanter, shown below, is an objet d'art in itself, with an extraordinarily beautiful lacquered exterior topped off with with a Burberry check embossed cap in a matching hue of warm rose gold.



Burberry Body Rose Gold EDT, available in 60ml and 85ml bottles
As for the scent itself, a spritz is evocative of everything a Burberry woman should be: fresh, voluptuous and full of the zest of life. With top notes of green absinthe, sweet peach and floral freesia transitioning to a deep heart of iris, rose and spicy sandalwood, the lingering base notes include a dash of honeyed vanilla, sensual musk and glimmering amber.
Try it out at Burberry boutiques for yourself: the Burberry Body Rose Gold edition will be in stores this September.


Burberry Body Purse Spray, encased in a sculptural gold flacon




French Glamour: Dior Croisette Summer Collection



Dior Croisette Summer 2012
Dior’s latest cosmetics collection takes inspiration from the glamour of the French Croisette look. The trove of aquatic- and sunset-inspired hues provides  options aplenty to accent your summer look.
The 5 Couleurs palettes, each containing four pearly shades and one satin shade, is available in two colour combinations, Aurora and Swimming Pool.   




Swimming Pool
Thanks to a blend of active mineralized water with sweet orange extract, the Nude Tan Sun Power and Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder luminates the skin while boosting circulation. Each case is accompanied by a quaint kabuki brush.


Dior’s first eye-gloss is available in four crystalline, beach-friendly shades: seashell, tan, azur and sunset.

Available in three crystal shades, the Dior Addict Lip Balm takes cue from the Backstage Dior technique and is enriched with beneficial oils to deliver maximum hydration to your lips. 


For a night prowl about town, the shimmery Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss does the trick. Available in four tangy shades: Orange Pareo, Pink Croisette, Brown Panama and Gold Sunrise. 



To complete the French Riviera look, stock up on the range of dazzling hues from Dior Vernis. Trending this summer: Saint Tropez, first released last Spring to great acclaim, and the all-new peachy Bikini. 






Jaw-Droppingly Delicious



Whether you’re a fun-loving yuppie or a serious executive, the latest improved second-generation Jawbone Bluetooth headset by Aliph will have you spoilt for choice with their range of stunningly beautiful colors.

The award-winning Bluetooth headset now comes in four new delicious colors collectively known as the EARCANDY collection, obviously primed for the softer gender.

Compared to previous generations, the Jawbone Prime boasts better background noise elimination with NoiseAssassin 2.0, and reduces the disrupting effects of wind noise.

There’s also a new feature called Acoustic Voice Acitivity Detector which acts like a safety net, so that you can still carry on with your call even if the voice sensor doesn’t touch your face.


Crystal Clear – Giorgio Armani and Swarovski


Hong Kong fashionistas got an eyeful as Giorgio Armani and Swarovski presented the fruits of their collaboration, CRYSTALLIZED™, at the Four Seasons Hotel. As you can see, parts of the collection have already graced the international red carpet scene (Zhang Ziyi at the Oscars and Jessica Alba at Cannes).


For Hong Kong, Kelly Chen did the honors at the event, with dress, clutch and shoes all from the CRYSTALLIZED™ collection. Other guests at the event included Pansy Ho, Alan Chan, Wyman Wong and top models Kathy Chow, Amanda S, Lisa S and Carrie Chu. For Giorgio Armani’s general Spring/Summer 2009 season, 14 models showed off more than 40 looks.


Selfridges Paints the Town Yellow

British retail giant Selfridges is pulling out all the stops for its yellow-themed centennial celebrations which will run throughout the month of May.

Engaging a slew of their designer friends, Selfridges has released a collection of limited-edition merchandise all coloured in their signature Pantone 109. The cheery Birthday Products include a Blackberry Bold with a yellow back-plate, Giuseppe Zanotti platform heels, Marc Jacobs’ yellow makeover of the Stam bag, Jimmy Choo stilettos and Giles Deacon’s made-to-order patent leather dress.

In lieu with the theme, yellow collectible centenary carriers designed by the likes of Dame Vivienne Westwood, Sir Paul Smith, Stella McCartney and Giles Deacon will also be made available at any Selfridges store. The month-long party kick starts tomorrow with the Big Yellow Festival which will feature live performances, fashion shows, and charity Bingo sessions.


Agnès b. Spring  Summer 2009

Agnès b’s Spring/Summer collection this year is a nostalgic trip down memory lane, inspired after she stumbled upon her parent’s old family album from 1935.

The Femme collection oozes vintage overtones, starting with the flagship Romantic Versailles series for this collection. Agnès b. shows the world proletariat looks can also be charming, by transforming peasant dresses into chic casual wear and aprons into fashion accessories, photo-printed with plants and greenery.

The 30’s collection speaks straight to her inspiration, featuring vintage looking floral dresses and long skirts clad in neutral overtones of black, white and grey.

Music and photography have always been entrenched in Agnès b. designs, and this time round, the French designer’s twin passions manifest themselves in the Disco Look and J’aime La Photographie! series.

The former is a delightful set of pieces in bright colors twisted and fused in rhythmic patterns reminiscent of the pulsation of music.

J’aime La Photographie! is a collaboration with African photographer Malik Sidibè – a showcase of his artful, black and white capture of everyday life in Africa printed on structured, well-cut dresses.


Edgier, masculine looks are also available in Graphic Prints for Mod Looks and Tribute to Arles, where tailored blazers, pants and fake collar necklaces take centre stage.






Luxury news


    is the premier event unifying international leading corporations from multiple and diverse industries that share a similar focus profitability within the luxury arena and securing its superb clientele.The expo provides an exclusive opportunity to represent keynote brands creating a worldwide networking platform for businesses that share a common objective providing superior quality products and decadent services of the highest magnitude for consumers that seek and demand such satisfaction The 2009 Global Luxury Expo has incorporated several all-inclusive and exciting engagements into its itinerary.They include fabulously catered menus and of course… you, our prominent guests!

    Michelle Obama Vogue Magazine Cover

    Barack Obama’s wife Michelle Obama has been seen on Vogue Magazine, Michelle Obama wore a magenta silk sheath dress by Jason Wu for Vogue cover and i think Michelle Obama looks very pretty in that dress. Below you can check Michelle Obama Vogue magazine photo by Jason Wu, don’t forget to comment about Michelle Obama’s picture on Vogue Magazine, most probably she will be reading your reviews about her picture on Vogue cover. And.. here Michelle Obama Vogue cover photo!


    European Ski Trip- January 23st - 31rd 2009
    Chamonix / France

    2009 13 th Annual Luxury Real Estate International Ski Trip



    The Luxury Summit 2009 will kick off with a Golf Tournament sponsored by Travel + Leisure Golf on Sunday, April 26, 2009 at 8 AM.


    The FT Business of Luxury Summit 2009 will once again bring together senior luxury executives, corporate decision makers and financiers from around the world on 14-16 June in Monte-Carlo. This exclusive Summit, now in its fifth year, is regarded by the luxury industry as the premier thought-leadership forum for business
    International Music Summit 2009

    The International Music Summit (IMS) is set to return to Ibiza on May 27-29th 2009 after swiftly establishing itself as one of the most talked about music conferences of the year. Last year’s hugely successful inaugural summit brought together 300 of the most influential players at the cutting edge of the electronic music industry, marking the successful arrival of the key business and networking event in the dance music calendar.

    'Beijing 20068 Luxury Summit
    A wonderful business opportunity is set to take place this month as the Beijing 2008 Luxury Summit kicks off.This event, on October 20th and 21st, offers the opportunity for those in the luxuries business to network and create new business opportunities. The type of visitors who should attend this event includes retailers, trading companies and fashion magazine representatives.